Haz de necaz
The following letter of a roofer is addressed to the SUVA (Swiss institute for accident insurance) and describes the consequences of an inconsiderate action:

" In answer of your request for additional information I would like to indicate the following to you: For question 3 of the accident report I indicated " unplanned concerning " as a cause. They asked me to describe this more exactly what I would like to mean here. I work as a roofer. In the day of the accident I worked alone on the roof of a six floor new building. When I finished with my work, I had about 250 kg of bricks remaining. Since I did not want to carry downstairs, I decided to download it using a ton at the exterior of the building, which was fastened to a rope, which ran over a role. I lashed thus the rope down on earth, went on the roof and loaded the ton. Then I went again downstairs and untied the rope. I held it, in order to lower the 250 kg of bricks slowly. If you reread no. 11 of the form for accident report in question, you will state that my body weight at that time amounted to about 75 kg.

Since I was very surprised, when I suddenly lost the Earth under my feats and was upward pulled from the soil, Iíve lost my presence of mind and forgot to release that rope. I believe, I do not have not to say here that I was up-pulled with ever increasing speed on the building. Within the area of the third stick I met the ton, which came from above. This explains the skull fracture and the broken bones.

Only slightly braked, for my ascent away and did not stop not, although the fingers of my hand with the front finger were squeezed into the role. Fortunately I kept my head awake and I held myself, despite the pain, with all strength at the rope. However the ton impacted down on the soil and the ton soil jumped out about at the same time from the ton. Without the Weight brick weighed the ton now about 25 kg. I refer here again to my body weight of 75 kg, indicated in question 11. As you can imagine yourselves, I began now a fast descent. In th?????e??ļ??he height of the third stick I met again the ton coming from down. There for I have the two broken legs and the scratches resulted on mean legs and my abdomen. The collision with the ton delayed my falling down, so that my worn from falling down on the heap of brick were smaller and that why I have only three eddies.

I have to indicate the fact that, while I was there on the heap of brick and I saw the empty ton falling down from the sixth floor over me, Iíve lost again my presence of mind. Iíve let the rope loosely, with which the ton came down without brakes this time, leaving me without three teeth and with a broken nasal bone. I regret very much the incident and I hope to be able to serve you with my precise specification. For exact information I ask you to call me since sometimes it is heavily for me to express myself in writing.